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Our one focus in everything we do is your satisfaction. What you want, we want to provide. We hope this website answers your questions and gives you good reasons to rely on BELCOMFORT for your comfort. If there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us.


• York

“By Johnson Controls... It’s time to get comfortable”

York is one the largest independent suppliers of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration products... for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Look to York for innovative, cost-effective systems.

• Mitsubishi Electric

“No Matter What the Application, We have the Solution”

Mitsubishi Electric offers one of the most complete ranges of HVAC solutions on the market today. With continuous investment in leading technologies, Mitsubishi is at the forefront of energy efficiency, quality and lower carbon emissions.

• Friedrich

“Comfort, Function and Style for 128 years”

Since 1883 in Texas, Friedrich has been making people comfortable. Friedrich started in furniture and they invents the first refrigerator. Today the company manufactures cooling and heating products, including the award-winning Kühl window air conditioner.

• Viessmann

“One of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating and renewable energy systems”

A family business since 1917, Viessmann Group has been providing comfortable, efficient and environmentally responsible heating solutions, tailored to the needs of the market. For three generations, a technological innovator and industry pacesetter.